Rain Gutters by the Season – SUMMER

Summer is our busy season!
And we are always on the move!

rig2There’s a trick to home renovations, and the trick is that you need to think about renovations during the season when you don’t need to use the renovation. Rain gutters are an excellent example of this. Summer is the best time to do your home improvement projects because it is dry and the days are loooooong

During the summer, some of the signs that you need to replace your existing rain gutter system are the same as they are in the spring. However, summer comes with the addition of another pesky problem: mosquitoes. As you move into the summer months, an overabundance of these insects can also point to gutter troubles due to poor water drainage that leads to water pooling in your gutters – which attracts these insects.

During the latter part of the summer, another sign that you need to repair or replace your existing rain gutter system or simply add a gutter screen to your rain gutters is the presence of animals in your gutters. If the gutters accumulate leaves and debris, some insects and animals may choose to nest there. As a result, you could have an abundance of wasps around your home, for example. This can be dangerous to you and your summer guests.

Summer is a great time to install a new seamless rain gutter system or add gutter screens to your existing well-functioning gutter system. Renovating your home during the dry season will help you prepare for the wet, leafy fall weather.

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