Our Seamless Gutters

We offer both 5″ and 6″ seamless aluminum rain gutter systems for your home our commercial building. Our rain gutter systems are fabricated on site, enabling us to manufacture a superior product by feeding a coil of pre-finished aluminum material into our “factory-on-wheels”. This ensures that your gutter system will run end-to-end, eliminating joints between gutter sections where water can leak.

Our aluminum material is pre-finished with a baked on enamel, providing superior protection from the elements and eliminating the need for re-painting year after year.

The gutter installation process begins with a careful evaluation of terrain and roof drainage patterns. There are hundreds of different styled homes utilizing many different architectural designs in roof lines and pitch, construction and roofing materials. The gutter system Summersville Seamless Gutters designs for you will take all of these elements into account. This design of your new gutter system will include the proper size of gutter and the proper placement and number of downspouts. Too many downspouts unnecessarily inflate the cost of a gutter system. Too few can compromise the effectiveness of the system.

There are two aspects to every gutter system – the hardware and the installation of that hardware. Proper installation is what truly protects your home. Water does more damage to homes than fire and wind combined. While most of it is obvious to the naked eye, some of the worst and most expensive damage happens over time and isn’t apparent until it is too late.

Gutter installation is a science and not something that someone can just pick up overnight. There are numerous things critical to properly installing gutters and channeling rainwater away from a house including:

  • Pitch – gutters installed at an improper or level pitch prevents water from flowing down to the downspouts and this creates areas of standing water;
  • Downspouts – a downspout in the wrong location, or no downspout at all, leads to standing water or overflows during heavy rain;
  • Flashing – flashing is hardware installed between the back of the
    gutter anlengths-e1527964962765.jpgd the roofline. No flashing exposes bare wood and can damage your shingles or the deck underneath;
  • Location on the fascia – the fascia is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of your roof. If gutters are installed plumb to the roof on the fascia, they will not carry as much water away from the roofline;
  • Support mechanisms – seamless gutters should be installed with screws, not nails, and should also have supports (hidden hangers) strategically spaced throughout the gutter system.

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